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While any accountant can tell you all about your business's past, Michael is the one who will work with you to plan, implement and review your future. He is a strong believer in understanding the what, where and how for your business, so you can move forward and provide for your future wealth.

Michael knows that the culture of a business needs to be one of trust, respect and goodwill. Twomeys has all of these values because of it's great team  and their drive and passion to make sure these values are always in existence.     

michael can do for you

Michael has many years of experience in analysing where your business has been, be it rural, retail, services, trades, etc.

Michael has particular skills in livestock, aviation and manufacturing.

Family succession and selling your business are also areas where Michael has guided clients to find successful outcomes.

other things you should know about michael

Michael is a family man who has also dedicated much time to the community, such as 8 years as a Councillor, positions on numerous committees and honorary work for many individuals when they are experiencing stressful times in their lives.

However, not all is good about Michael as he loves the Brumbies, Wallabies, Socceroos and his golf swing sees him playing off 24.

Michael's final passion is horse racing and it is here that his bucket list is longest, particularly to own a city winner.


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