With this being our last newsletter for the current financial year don't forget;

  • if you are running a pension account, your minimum pension must be drawn prior to the 30th of June. Don't trust that your bank will process a transaction if you instruction at the last minute.
  • that contributions are only recognised once the money is in the bank. If electronic transactions are not processed until the 1st of July, they will be contributions for the next year.
  • to make a contribution once you are over 65 years old, you need to pass a work test prior to making the contribution to super.
  • to look at your previous two year's contributions prior to making a non-concessional contribution. If you have triggered your contribution cap the size of your contribution might be restricted.
  • to keep your records together to ensure the accounts and returns for the 2016 financial year can be arranged in a timely fashion.