Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and believable in their approach.

A current phone scam is circulating whereby the fraudster purports to be from the ATO or a debt collection company and tells the taxpayer that if they do not pay the debt owed to the ATO immediately, the sheriff will be on their doorstep that afternoon to arrest them. This particular scam even leaves a message on your answering machine with a number to call back on.

If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of any debt collection requests, please phone your local Twomeys office to confirm before providing any details to the caller.

Many companies, including Xero, Google and Apple are overcoming the risk of hacking by introducing a two-step verification when you login to your account.

The verification process combines something you know (eg your email address and password) with something you have (eg an app on your phone). Either an SMS with a code is sent to your phone or you use an authentication code that is created by an authentication app on your phone. If you cannot access your device, you can often still login using backup security questions.

We strongly recommend that you use two-step verification wherever possible to help protect you against identity theft.