With the recent delaying of increases to superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions, perhaps it is time for those people concerned about their retirement savings to get on the front foot and arrange to increase their contribution levels despite the government.

SG contributions where penciled to increase incrementally from the current 9.5% of wages to 12% by the financial year 2020. The new arrangement sees the SG level remain at 9.5% until 2021 when the increases commence, reaching 12% by 2025.

Why wait? Almost all employees have the ability to increase contribution levels by way of salary sacrificing. A salary sacrifice contribution, similarly to an SG contribution, is paid by your employer as part of your overall employment package. The contribution is paid from your pre-tax income, effectively providing you an income tax deduction.

In reality, for those whose superannuation balance can't wait for 2025, there are few restrictions on you, as an employee, increasing your superannuation contributions to 10% or 12% or more right now.

Ensure you receive appropriate advice before committing to change your superannuation arrangements.