Businesses are increasingly at risk from a number of malware viruses highlighting the importance of having up to date anti-virus software. One of the latest threats circulating the internet is "Cryptolocker". This nasty bug can access your system and encrypt all your files and make them illegible.

Victims might be sent an email that advises them to click on a link and the link will take them to a website that will initiate file encryption. In some instances they may get a web page that says that their files are being held to ransom because of the encryption. Or they may not even get that –  they might just find that their files have been encrypted and they've got a problem.

There are businesses that have had hundreds of megabytes of data encrypted. It is therefore important to get professional help to maximise protection against Internet threats and disaster – particularly because malware such as the Cryptolocker continues to evolve.

Not only is it important to have sufficient protection from internet viruses but also to maintain quality backups that are reliable, because if you get caught you need a way of getting your information back, and without a reliable back up you have potentially lost everything! Also educating people about not clicking on things they don't understand.

Any business that cannot afford to be without their IT systems for more than 24 hours, should maximise protection by:
• Installing anti-virus software on all equipment
• Using hosted anti-spam capability
• Using edge protection (installing a device at the point where the internet connection is made to inspect the traffic to assist in blocking attacks such as a Cryptolocker attack)
• Educating people about how to manage IT risks.

If your business cannot afford IT downtime or you can't afford to lose data you must be prepared and invest in a range of measures to protect your business. If you get caught, it can be devastating – especially if you don't have reliable backups.

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