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Let us help you achieve your business goals and aspirations

Twomeys’ talented Business Advisory Team understands the challenges businesses face today and uses their hands-on experience for individual business solutions.

Our team recognises that as business owners and managers, you are usually fully occupied with the day-to-day operation of your business and often do not have the time, energy or expertise to step back and carefully analyse your business.

Following an extensive consultation review process, Twomeys multi-skilled team develops solutions to ensure that your business is positioned appropriately to capitalise on all available opportunities.

We will assist you in implementing proposed changes and, if necessary, be involved in your business’s ongoing monitoring and fine-tuning.

Why choose Twomey’s to grow your business?

  • Strategic planning
  • Business start-up and business planning
  • Analysis of proposed business ventures
  • Creating the best sales strategy for your business, eliminating time constraints to prove your overall business efficiency
  • Identifying functional areas which are under-performing
  • Streamline the business processes and sustain growth
  • Budgeting and flow forecasting
  • Succession planning
  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Quarterly accountability sessions
  • Capital raising and growth management
  • Company secretarial
  • Asset and investment management

Carbon Accounting

Shrink Your Footprint, Boost Your Budget: How Carbon Accounting Can Benefit Your Bottom Line & the Environment

What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting is the measurement of an organisation’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions come from activities like fuel and electricity use, buying goods and services, waste, travelling and investing.

Why start Carbon Accounting?

  • Compliance: Many governments are mandating GHG reporting, and carbon accounting helps you stay ahead of the curve and be prepared when (not if) you’re asked for your emissions data.
  • Cost Savings: Reducing emissions often means using resources more efficiently, saving you money.
  • Competitive Advantage: Consumers are increasingly eco-conscious, and transparent carbon accounting shows your commitment to sustainability. A 2023 survey by Nielsen found that 81% of global consumers said they were willing to pay more for sustainable products.
  • Risk Mitigation: Climate change presents real financial risks (as we’ve seen from recent floods, bushfires & other extreme weather events), and proactive carbon management can help you prepare.

So, how does it work?

  1. Identify: Figure out where your emissions come from (buildings, travel, materials, etc.).
  2. Quantify: Use recognized standards and conversion factors to calculate the GHG emissions in each area.
  3. Analyse: Understand your biggest emission sources and potential reduction opportunities.
  4. Report: Track your progress and communicate your climate goals to stakeholders.

The benefits go beyond just numbers. Carbon accounting empowers you to:

  • Set meaningful carbon reduction targets.
  • Make informed decisions about green investments.
  • Boost employee engagement and brand reputation.
  • Contribute to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

How do we get started?

We’ll start by completing a baseline emissions assessment in line with global standards. Following a kick-off meeting, where we can answer any questions and explain the data we need to progress, we’ll commence the accounting process and share a summary report and visual dashboards with you.

We can then explore opportunities for emission reduction and build the business case for any changes or investments, including looking for financial and emissions savings.

Investing in carbon accounting is an investment in your business’s future, both financially and environmentally.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive financial and carbon accounting services to help our clients achieve their business goals and contribute to a more sustainable future. To streamline the carbon accounting process, we use Sumday, our preferred carbon accounting platform. As Sumday certified advisors, we can take you through the platform and demonstrate the efficiencies we can gain by working in Sumday together.